Thursday, September 6, 2012

Organization Level: 1

Much to D’s chagrin, I have always been a bit behind the times. I don’t have an iPhone, I play video games on my PlayStation2, and I refuse to get a Kindle. (Yes, I know they are more convenient and  blah blah, but you’ll never convince me to give up the smell of the ink and the feel of the pages! Plus I’ve always dreamt of building my own library ala Beauty and the Beast…*sigh* someday!)

So it was kicking and screaming that D forced me to upgrade my craft organization. I had a system-boxes. Lots and lots of old, falling apart cardboard boxes that swallowed up my supplies and were a pain in the @ss to move. But it was functional enough.

Then Target had a back-to-college sale, featuring all sorts of drawers, cubbies, bags, shelves, pillows, blankets, movies, 60″ TVs, Xboxes, ATV’s, etc etc. You know, the typical essentials for all American college students. On the front page of the circular, down in the right hand corner, was a picture of a rolling 3-drawer organizer on sale for $10. I had to have it-according to D.

“Nah, I got my boxes! They work,” I said.

“…” he replied.

“They work enough…” I countered.

“We’re going.”

So with that, we headed to Target where we proceeded to intellectually argue how many were required. I opened with,“oh, probably just one. I don’t have that much stuff. Won’t even fill it!”

“You’ll need at least two, maybe three. You have stuff everywhere,” was his rebuttal.

“Not EVERYwhere…just, you know, the corner of the apartment!”

“Marella, work with me!”

“Well…do you think they’d let us purchase one and a half?”

“…? What?”

So we settled on two; 50% more than I thought I needed, 33% less than D voted for. It was less a compromise and more a thats-all-Target-has-left-in-stock situation, but it seemed fair at the time.

So we trucked them home and I set to work reorganizing all of my supplies. A drawer for Christmas stuff, another for fall things, then beads and charms and whatnot…oh, that’s the first one filled. Ok, well on to number two! A drawer for essential supplies, and one for birds and bells and buttons, and one for small flowers and another for…uh-oh.

My two new organizers!Yes, he was right, I have a LOT of supplies. I still have bags of large flowers and the wreaths themselves are still in a cardboard box. But the bulk of the supplies are organized!And what’s more, I LOVE them! Its so nice to have all of my supplies right there, easy to see and access whenever I wish. And they roll!! Don’t feel like crafting in the living room? Okidoki, roll into the bedroom! No more lugging heavy boxes back and forth. Lately I’ve simply been rolling them around the apartment for no reason, just because I can!

Someday, I hope, I will have an entire room-or at least a large corner-where I can spread out my supplies. Tons of shelves and drawers and cubbies to put things in, and an entire wall of finished wreaths waiting to be sent to their new homes! And one corner with great light that I can stage for photo shoots. Knowing me, though, I’ll still roll and lug all my supplies into the living room and craft there while D plays his Xbox on his 40″ TV!

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