Friday, September 14, 2012

Breast Cancer: Workaholic

Today is one of those days where I simply do not want to do anything! Well, that's not strictly true-I'd be willing to curl up with a good book or snuggle down with Gracie for a nap. Alas, there is always work to be done, people to see, gyms to avoid, etcetera etcetera.

I do not have the motivation cancer does. I would like nothing more than to bunk my responsibilities and commit the day to Anna Karenina. (That's right, bunk!) But cancer never takes a day off. Its like that guy in your office who wins the Perfect Attendance Award year after year-and seems happy about it! In fact, if cancer joined, its "Interests" section would only say 'work.'

Think about this made me realize exactly what it means when they say the fight against cancer never sleeps. I always pictured some Biochemical Army battling cancer in their camo lab coats, complete with chemical grenades, petrie dish parachutes and bunson burner bombs. And while this is sort of true, (yay scientists!), the fight is more personal for millions of people.

Everyday people fight the everyday fight. I am sure cancer battlers have many days where they simply do NOT want to keep fighting. Days they feel they cannot face another appointment or more therapy. Days they want to chuck it all, go back to bed and give up. But they can't, because cancer won't.

So I will complete my daily responsibilities, and I will even go to the gym. because there are millions of people going through tougher times than I can imagine. And they will soldier on. They may complain, but they have a right to-I do not. So here's a simple message to all of you soldiers, you Cancer Battlers-keep fighting!! For this simple message, I present the Simple Awareness Pin and the Butterfly & Pearls Awareness Pin. The design is simple, but the message is deep.

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