Friday, September 7, 2012

My Little Helper

It has come to my attention that many women my age, and in my life position, are mothers. Most of my friends, and several family members, have little versions of themselves toddling around, getting everything sticky, and being generally adorable.

Well, I’m not to that point yet (Mom!). But just because I don’t have a pint sized pipsqueak of my own, does not mean I’m completely void of the mothering stuff. You see, I am a proud Puppy Mommy!

Gracie (she doesn't like being photographed!)Four years ago last July, my mother called me to visit, saying she had an early birthday present. I should have been skeptical seeings how my birthday is in October-and I’m relatively sure she knows that-but I have always had an affinity for presents. So I drove home and was instantly ushered into the back yard where a tiny little brown thing was hopping around.

“What is that? You have giant bouncing rats!” I exclaimed.

“Happy Birthday!” My mother said.

I still don’t know why she decided I needed a dog, but that was our beginning. That night, I made a little doggy bed with pillows and blankets galore, turned off the light, got in bed and felt a tiny little wet nose nudging me. ‘Oh no you don’t!’ I thought, putting her back in her own bed. Not two seconds after I was back in bed, there she was snuggled close. And I was hooked. Whether I needed or wanted a dog before that day, I certainly had one then! (And not one night has gone by without her in the bed-D really had to get used to that!)

It took a week to name her. I am a full believer that dogs will let you know what their names are-and she seemed to like the GRR sound. We went through Lady Gertrude, Ginger, and just Grr itself until I hit Gracie. Her little ears perked up and seemed to say, “hey! That’s my name! I’m Gracie!!”

We’ve been together ever since. She’s helped me get through college and grad school. She’s helped mend broken hearts and gotten me through the loss of loved ones. She’s dances in the kitchen with me while I make dinner. She watches movies with me. She’s moved across the country with me. And she helps with MarellaDesigns.

When I pull out my crafting supplies, she hops up in the recliner-a girl’s gotta be comfortable, ya know!-and watches me create. I often ask her opinion, and she’s always supportive, if a bit snobbish. I can’t tell you how many pictures of wreaths I have with her hogging into the picture (little diva!). Her favorite, though, is when I blog or work on my online store because she can snuggle in my lap with the laptop over her, keeping her warm. She wanted a post to introduce herself-she felt she deserved some credit for all of her hard work!

She never fails to make me smile, and keep pushing on day after day. So much unlimited love in a 10lbs bundle! Plus, she’s a killer! Honest, if you lay down, she will lick you to death!! Life could be worse :-)

cough She asks you go check out all of her hard work in the store. I told her it was improper to blatantly ask like that, but she said you wouldn’t mind!

Tell me about your pets! I adore pet stories!!

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