Monday, August 6, 2012

Why Wreaths?

The other day, my friend posed this question to me.

“Why do you make wreaths?”

In other words, why not bouquets if I must play with flowers? Why limit myself to boring hanging door decorations only seen by unwanted salesmen and mercenaries? Obviously, I disagree with this assessment.

 Yes a wreath can, and usually is, a cheap round thing hung on a boring door that falls down while you shlepp in groceries. However, I see them as something more.

When I was a little girl, my mother had a painting of a path leading into a garden. Benches with pillows sat under an arch with wisteria flowers hanging down. In the distance was a fountain. I would sit and stare at that painting, wishing I could enter that secret garden. I looked for my own white rabbit that would transport me into that wonderland, for I was sure it was the most wonderful place imaginable. As I grew older, I tried to create that same sense of wonder on my own through drawing and painting. Alas, my talent in this area is gloriously inadequate; if I had wanted to escape into a world of stick-men and paint blobs, I was well on my way!

So I hung up my paintbrushes and pencils. I switched to already made flowers and grapevine wreaths became my frame. Soon flowers alone were not enough-I began incorporating birds, acorns, leaves, butterflies. I then moved to charms, stuffed animals, ornaments, beads-anything! I was addicted! What was I addicted to? I had finally found a way to create a glimpse into another world. My wreaths are not mere decorations-they are art, and each one has a story attached to it. I have created fairies playing in the forest during the fall and butterflies flitting about a lush rose garden.

So I ask you-why does a wreath need to be limited to a door? The truth is, if it’s a great wreath, it doesn’t! They are great INSIDE your home-in the living room, a nursery, even the bathroom! And I challenge you this: rethink everything! Art is anything you find beauty in, so find a way to use it that you will appreciate everyday. So find something you love and put it on your wall (please, no children or pets!)

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