Monday, August 6, 2012

Inspiration: Desperation

If you’re anything like me, one reason you enjoy crafting so much is because you enjoy shopping so much!
And my goodness, do I love shopping!

I love the seeing, exploring, touching, feeling-but most of all, I love the creativity it inspires! When I see a black and white bedspread, I begin planning how I will add pops of color through accent pillows to make my bedroom into a sanctuary. Or if I happen upon a hat (my personal guilty pleasure!), I immediately formulate the outfits I will create around it. (I also picture the stunning influence I will have upon society in my magnificent hats! Just you wait, I will bring them back ala Katherine Hepburn and be renowned world wide for my forward fashion-sense.)

As you may have guessed, crafting supplies are one of my weak spots. I can’t help it-I love pretty things! And I love taking one pretty thing and combing it with another pretty thing to create something new. Hopefully its something unique and beautiful that will bring joy to people.
So where does the desperation come into play?

Well, it’s not MY desperation I’m talking about. It’s my boyfriend, D. (Yes, we’re doing this. D’s desperation. Alliteration for the win!) You see, I have a lot of craft supplies. A. Lot. And it has spread all over the living room. And the hallway. And parts of the bedroom. The only reason it has yet to seep into the den is that we don’t have one.Every time he catches me perusing supplies online, he eyes the mountain of stuff and says “sweetie, don’t you already have raw materials?”

I can understand D’s desperation. I mean, this is New York and real estate space is at a prime. And a lot of our prime is taken up by craft supplies. So I do what I can to help-by crafting! The more I craft, the more the supplies disappears and the happier D is.

Until I inform him that I have ordered more supplies! I mean, really, how can I craft without supplies? And he can’t expect me to NOT craft, can he?

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